SLEEPERS FILM(スリーパーズフィルム)



フランスの映像グループLa BlogothèqueのTAKE AWAY SHOWSとのコンテンツ企画や、NYブルックリンシーンの顔役といわれるThe Nationalや、Perfume GeniusVillagersFirst Aid KitLocal Nativesなど、海外アーティスト来日時のセッション映像も手がける。

"SLEEPERS FILM" is a film group that promotes "music freedom".

We were influence Vincent Moon.In April 2009, the group started to release "one-cut, one-take" documentary style music videos.
On crowded street corners, in gloomy basements of abandoned buildings, in restaurants, in beauty salons or other unexpected spots "SLEEPERS FILM" transforms any location into a live stage. By filming these improvised, freestyle performances the group offers a unique atmosphere and feeling that excites and inspires those who watch their movies.

In February 2010, the group collaborated with La Blogothèque's "TAKE AWAY SHOWS".
The group also worked for artists like "The National" and "Perfume Genius".


関根 卓史 Takuji Sekine - Producer, Camera, Sound twitter
布川 美奈 Mina Fukawa - Director, Camera, Editor

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